Our Story

I grew up a collector of many things from Lego's, Basketball Cards,Hot Wheels, to G.I. Joe's. Upon entering the Military, I began collecting patches which started out with other units initially but grew into other nations, and DoD/Governmental agencies, based off of my assignments, and deployments. Serving as a Company Commander I named my company the "Gladiators". Fast forward to retirement from the military, I still had a passion to collect patches but found it difficult to find different and exclusive designs. So one day my son was sitting next too me while I was prepping my range bag for some training, and my son saw my patches and asked did I have one of my Scorpion Evo. I said no, so he asked me to "make him a patch" and that's how Gladiator Gunz was born. 

We founded Gladiator Gunz on November 17th 2017 and have been going strong ever since. Our first patches have been of my personal collection and branching into other exclusive designs always trying to create options that collectors couldn't find elsewhere. Our patches go great on any range bag, hat, shirt, plate carrier, or patch wall. Our patches are of the highest quality and realistic design at an affordable price.

We are excited and honored that you have chosen to purchase from Gladiator Gunz, thank you for your support!!!

Will & DJ

Gladiator Gunz